Custom Crafted in America

It's Good for All of Us
Stoneside Blinds & Shades is proud to hand craft every blind, shade and drapery we sell in America.

Custom Built to Your Requirements

By manufacturing our products in America, we can provide highly customized products. Companies that manufacture outside of the US are often confined to a pre-set range of standard choices.

At Stoneside, we avoid cookie cutter solutions. We believe in taking the time to understand your exact requirements and develop a custom solution designed to meet your specific needs.

All Stoneside blinds, shades and drapery are custom built to your requirements
By manufacturing our products in America, Stoneside can offer the highest quality and craftsmanship

Premium Quality

Making our products in the USA enables Stoneside to provide the highest quality window treatments available. Every step of our process is carefully managed through an automated system that ensures that every shade is crafted to your exact specifications.

Throughout the process, we check and double-check every detail. And, before your order leaves the factory, every window shade is carefully inspected to ensure that everything is perfect.

Providing Jobs for American Families

Most importantly, by manufacturing our products in the United States, Stoneside creates and sustains good, rewarding jobs that help American families succeed.

Stoneside is proud to create good, high-paying jobs for American families