Stoneside Social Media Program

About the Program

We love to share our work on our website and our social media pages to inspire people and give them ideas for potential projects to do in their own homes. For this to happen, we ask our clients for permission to share photos of their finished space. When we post photos to our social media, we let our clients know that we shared their project and give them the option to repost the photos. If a client posts the photos to their own account, we send them a stainless-steel insulated tumbler to say thank you. It’s that simple!

Terms And Conditions For Stoneside’s Giveaways Of Stainless-Steel Insulated Travel Tumblers

  1. To qualify for a stainless-steel insulated travel tumbler, you must:
    1. Repost Stoneside’s photo(s) of your project on your personal Instagram or Facebook page (directions on how to repost the photos on both platforms are listed below).
    2. Before posting, make sure your post will be public so that we can verify that the post was made.
    3. Tag our official account in the post.
    4. Reply to the email Stoneside sent. In your response, include a link to your post and confirmation of your preferred mailing address.
  2. Provided the above criteria are fulfilled, you are eligible for one tumbler.
    1. Stoneside will send the tumbler to the address on record if not otherwise indicated..
    2. Limit one tumbler per customer.

Directions On How To Repost To Facebook

  1. Click the link to our Facebook post in the email. In the bottom right hand corner below the post there is a button with an arrow that says “Share”. Click this button
  2. A menu will appear. In this menu, click the second option that says, “Share…”.
  3. You should see a preview of your post. Add your own caption about your Stoneside experience by typing where it says, “Say something about this…”. Tag our page in the caption!
  4. Before clicking the blue “Post” button, make sure the button two to the left says, “Public”. If not, click this and select “Public”. Then, click “Post”!

Directions On How To Repost To Instagram

  1. Download and save the photo(s) attached to the email to your mobile device.
  2. In the Instagram app, click the encircled “+” button on the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the downloaded photo(s) from your camera roll and click “Next” in the top right.!
  4. dd your own caption, tag our account (@stonesideofficial), and click “Share”!