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The Best Window Treatments for New England Weather

Are you in Boston, Portsmouth, or anywhere in New England? Help your home weather every season with the right window treatment.

New England has many charms, but right around February, we’re all wondering why on earth winter lasts as long as it does. In reality, the gorgeous summer months, exceptional autumns, and crisp winter mornings make up for the drearier months of the year.

One thing we all need, wherever we live, is a home we feel comfortable in year-round. And that, my friends, is why we here at Stoneside are giving all our New Englanders some inside intel: which window treatment you should choose if you live in Boston, Portsmouth, or anywhere else in New England.

What you need from your New England window treatments

New England is infamous for having all four seasons — and these seasons last for months at a time. They’re not the fleeting spring and fall found in areas closer to the center of the states, like Colorado for example.

Seasons here last, and you need window treatments that keep your home comfortable, functional, and looking its best no matter the weather outside.

That means window treatments that are versatile enough for hot summers, bitter winters, and the ups and downs of fall and spring.

Additionally, Boston and Portsmouth (and many New England towns) are extremely walkable. As such, you want privacy to remain a priority for your home. We love everyone walking about town, but that doesn’t mean we want our homes open to everyone on the sidewalk.

But wait, there’s even more to consider. With all the unique architectural features in the area, you need window treatments that can be customized to your home. Luckily for you, Stoneside specializes in custom products and exceptional customer service.

The best window treatments for warm summers and long winters

With summers hitting high temps and winters hanging in the single digits and below, New England homes need the best window treatments available. But which styles are best? We’re highlighting some styles that will help you keep comfy year-round.

Stoneside Custom Drapery


Perfect for New England homeowners because of their timeless and versatile style, drapery has everything you could need for every season.

As one of our most versatile window treatments, custom drapes give you the ultimate:

  • Style
  • Climate control
  • Privacy
  • Light filtration

That means whether it’s 9 degrees and cloudy, or 90 and sunny, you’ve got a comfortable home that looks and feels its best.

Cellular Shades

Just like the PNW, New Englanders love a good insulating shade. And the one with the most control over temperature? That’s right — cellular shades.

Cellular shades have a habit of being an overachiever in the window treatment world. These window treatments have the best insulation of any window treatment, and their lining options give you just the right amount of light filtering, no matter the space.

The biggest bonus? The top-down, bottom-up option is perfect for your brownstone — keep your home private without losing your natural light. This is especially important during the summer months when people are out and about enjoying the warmer temps and gorgeous sunshine that comes from living in New England.

And winter? Well, let’s just say gray skies mean we want every little bit of natural light we can capture. With the right light filtering option on your cellular shades, you’ll be able to keep as much natural light as possible while maintaining your privacy.

Layered window treatments

Not sold on any one specific window treatment? With the wild swings in temperature that comes from living in New England, we don’t blame you. The good news? Layering your window treatments gives you even more control.

Honorable mention: Roller Shades

Boston has a ton of lofts and condos just begging for the simple sleek style of roller shades, so it’s no wonder they’re a top contender. Even though roller shades aren’t particularly insulating, their effortless ease and simple design make roller shades a favorite among our clients in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Window treatments for Boston and Portsmouth

So you’ve settled on a window treatment — that’s amazing! Congrats. But now what do you do? Stoneside’s got you covered, with offices all over Massachusetts (including Boston) and even one in New Hampshire.

Custom window treatments for your New England home, from right in your backyard.

Get the right window treatment for the weather in New England

Imagine coming home from your day out enjoying the festive winter weather — ice skating at the local rink, plenty of hot chocolate, and a late lunch at a cozy restaurant while snow starts to fall.

You take off your winter boots and get cozy in your home that’s as warm as you could want with single-digit weather just outside your door.

And summers? Just as comfortable. Even though you spent the afternoon on the Common, complete with playing fetch with your furry friend, your home is cool and welcoming as soon as you come back.

Sound like a dream? With Stoneside’s custom window treatments, it’s all possible — and personal.

Here at Stoneside, we love having you as a part of the Stoneside family. Our family is important to us, and that includes ALL of our customers and team members — from our design consultants to our installers.

Our teams in New England know what it’s like to live in the area, so you can be sure you’re not getting a one-size-fits all window treatment. Every conversation and approach is custom to you — after all, your home and preferences are unique.

If you’re curious about our Boston team, check out the latest in our Designer Spotlights, and meet Dana, one of our team members from the area.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll set you up with a free, zero-pressure consultation.

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