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Cordless vs. Corded Blinds: What’s Best for Your Home?

Ever wondered about the benefits of cordless blinds? Learn why this newer option is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

You’ve likely seen corded blinds before. You might not even have known to differentiate them by adding the “corded” descriptor, but cordless blinds have been gaining popularity, and now are a common window treatment.

But what are cordless blinds exactly, and are they right for you? We’ve got all the details on corded and cordless blinds so you can make the best decision for your home.

What are cordless blinds?

Cordless blinds are just that — cordless. They’re built with the tension mechanism within the top or bottom pieces (known as the headrail or the bottom rail, respectively). Like all cordless window treatments, the tension mechanism allows you to adjust your blinds without the use of a cord.

Instead of manipulating your blinds with a cord, you simply lift or pull your shade to your preferred height. Even one-handed!

The built-in tension keeps your window treatment at whichever height you lift or pull your shade. To adjust the slats in your blinds, cordless blinds have an attached wand that allows you to maneuver your slats open and closed. You’ll have the same light control with cordless blinds as you would with conventional blinds.

What’s the difference between corded vs. cordless blinds?

Both corded and cordless blinds have the slatted style of light control associated with blinds, rather than the fuller covering of cloth shades.

The biggest difference between corded and cordless is the system that lifts and lowers your blinds. Cordless blinds give you the functionality and style of standard corded blinds, without the inconvenience of loose, dangling (and oftentimes, tangled) cords.

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Cordless Blinds Give You Safety and Style

Corded blinds are a traditional window treatment that many prefer. However, their corded feature doesn’t do well in all spaces. A common issue is long and loosely hanging cords, which can get tangled or create a messy appearance.

They also pose a safety hazard for pets and children. If safety is a priority for smaller family members, cordless blinds are the best option.

If blinds are your preferred window treatment, but cords always seem to get in the way, choose a cordless blind — you’ll get everything you’re looking for from a corded blind, without any of the drawbacks.

Which is better, corded or cordless?

That question is really up to you. If you aren’t concerned about a corded system getting twisted or being in the way, corded is just fine.

Cordless, however, does give you the freedom to use blinds in spaces that might not have done well with simple corded blinds. This could be a room with many windows, as the cords stand out as unsightly, a room with larger windows, or a children’s room where safety is a priority.

If you’re considering cord vs. cordless blinds, keep in mind that cordless blinds can be optimized by adding motorization.

Cordless blinds can be motorized to level up your blinds’ functionality and convenience.

If functionality and ease are your top priorities, motorized cordless blinds are the best option for you. Cordless motorized blinds give you hands-free control with no awkward cords or pulleys, and no need to climb over the furniture — or over the toys in the kids’ rooms — to manually lift your blinds.

Instead, you can adjust them from your phone, tablet, wall switch, or home automation system. Imagine using your blinds every day because you don’t have to walk into that room with tons of windows, then manually maneuver the cords for each. You won’t have to leave cords dangling, creating an unnecessary eyesore (or vacuuming hazard).

Instead, imagine you can effortlessly open or close all the blinds in the entire room at the click of a button... Ah, that feels better.

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Motorized cordless blinds for hard-to-reach or inaccessible windows.

Some windows just aren’t ideal for corded blinds.

Imagine a cord or pulley system that spans the length of your floor-to-ceiling windows. When the blinds are closed, the cord hangs at window sill height. But when your blinds are raised, that cord will likely have so much extra length it falls to a tangled heap on the floor.

Another common trouble spot: windows above a kitchen sink. When your blinds are open, that cord is either piled on the window sill or falling into your dishwater. Not an ideal situation.

Cordless blinds directly address these problems.

However, if you choose cordless blinds to avoid a cumbersome lift system, you’ll still have to manually lift and lower your blinds. And with tall windows, or windows that are difficult to get to, manual operation might not be an option for you.

Hard-to-reach windows greatly benefit from a cordless, motorized lift system. You’ll never have to worry about the inconvenience of raising and lowering or having a lift system that gets in the way of your daily activities.

Manual lift blinds are also problematic for aging adults or people who use wheelchairs, as the preferred height might be just out of reach.

Motorization eliminates all of these issues. Now you have the simple, convenient solution you need for your hard-to-reach windows, and you’ve still got the streamlined style you want.

To decide between cord vs. cordless blinds, determine your top priority.

If you’re more comfortable with window treatments you’re familiar with and don’t have any of the issues described above, corded blinds might be all you need.

However, if you’re thinking about venturing away from conventional corded blinds, you’ll need to consider your (and your home’s!) unique situation.

Think about how you spend your time, and how your home’s space is used.

  • Do you work at home?
  • Are there kids frequently using rooms?
  • Do you have space that has underutilized window coverings?

Next, think about the results you’d most like to see in your home.

  • Is too much direct light inhibiting your use of common areas?
  • Are you hoping to improve your home’s energy efficiency?
  • Are your neighbors getting a full view into your living room?
  • Do you have children and pets?

These are all questions you consider when deciding on whether or not corded or cordless blinds are what you’re looking for. They’re also pertinent to your free design consultation, where we’ll discuss what you’re hoping to find in your new window treatment.

Choosing between corded and cordless blinds might be simple, but our design team is standing by to help you if you can’t decide.

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Don’t choose budget blinds whose quality will quickly deteriorate.

Budget blind options are everywhere. You can go to many home improvement chain stores or simply order your blinds online.

But the problem is: You are solely responsible for measuring and installing them correctly.

Imagine you’ve finally decided it’s time for new blinds. You’ve shopped online, looked at all the options available, and you’ve chosen blinds you’re positive will be a great fit in your home.

Time to measure your windows. You’re not sure the measurements are exact, but you’ve got a lot of windows. It’s such an inconvenience to measure each one... so you decide to guess which ones are similar in size.

When your new budget blinds arrive, you unpack them and try to follow the multi-step instructions included in the packaging. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to read them while you’re also trying to actually install them. You only have so many hands, and even having someone read them to you doesn’t make sense without the pictures to accompany them.

You finally get the first one installed and realize… you still have more windows to go.

After hours of installations, you’ve finally finished. Pleased with your work, you turn around and view your finished products. Wonderful! You’ve got brand new blinds on every window. But looking closer, you notice that they don’t fit just right. There are awkward spaces between the top rail and the window frame, and the blinds themselves are so long it seems they could cover a window way longer than the one you have.

A couple of years, or even a few months after you’ve installed your budget blinds, you notice warping and discoloration starting to appear. What seemed like a bargain at the time has actually cost you hours of your life — and now you’re faced with looking at a sub-par product every day or starting the arduous process all over again.

Custom blinds last longer than budget blinds.

Because of the high-quality material we use, your blinds will last significantly longer than mass-produced budget blinds.

Your choice of going with custom blinds is an investment in your home’s value. You’ll get top-quality, high-end blinds that will last for years to come. Plus, you no longer have to rely on yourself (or your measuring skills) to install your custom blinds.

Having a professional installation ensures a smooth process, and one you don’t have to lift a finger for.

No stressing, no frustration, and no tools necessary.

Sit back, relax and sip some fresh lemonade while we manage the installation for you.

Better yet, take the day to go out and relax. Come back home to fresh window treatments ready to be used. No tools. No mess. Just brand new custom blinds flawlessly installed.

Our design team will show you all our cordless and corded blind options.

Stoneside’s custom blinds are available in wood, faux wood, and composite materials. You’ll find practicality and style meet with our made-for-you custom blinds. Additionally, cordless blinds also come with an optional add-on feature of motorization to elevate your window treatments.

Trying to decide if your blinds need to be replaced? These are some signs it might be time for an upgrade.

When you choose to elevate your blinds from basic to custom you’re choosing to invest in the value, style, and function of your home. Basic, budget blinds may cover your windows, but custom blinds will fit perfectly every time — with no gaps that compromise privacy, light control, or appearance. They’ll be made to your exact needs and specifications, so there’s no guess as to whether or not they’ll be right for you.

Plus, with Stoneside’s process, you’ll expend minimal effort. Concerned about measuring and figuring out the installation process? Don’t be.

Our team specializes in creating a hands-free, white-glove experience that will leave you relaxed, confident, and proud of your home.

No matter what you choose, your corded or cordless blinds installation will be completed by our professional design team so you don’t have to. Reach out today and schedule your free design consultation.