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4 Ways to Create a Luxury Hotel-Worthy Guest Room at Home

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 7/5/2023

How simple touches and the right window treatments will make your guests feel right at home.

What makes a good — no, great — guest room? For some, it means a good night’s rest. For others, it may mean feeling like you’re not being a burden on your host.

If you’re expecting houseguests, setting up a good guest room will help them feel welcome and enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Good food and engaging conversation will help everyone enjoy their time together. But creating a cozy space just for them shows your guests you care about their comfort — and hope they’ll plan a return visit.

1. Go beyond the basics to make your guest room feel like a hotel.

Your guests want to feel as if they’re staying at a hotel, rather than “crashing at a friend’s house.” (And no one wants a repeat of sleeping on a friend’s futon like they’re in college.)

This doesn’t mean you need to stress about the color of your guest room rug or worry about mints on the pillow. Your guests are there to enjoy themselves, relax, and spend time with you. But it is nice to add a few pampering touches when you can.

So how do you make that happen? You get that hotel feel by giving them more than just crisp, clean sheets.

  • Set out some coffee or tea in the room, along with any necessary accompaniments.
  • Offer toiletries and towels to ensure your guest room has that hotel convenience.
  • Assemble a few small packaged snacks to give them access to small bites they may be too reluctant to ask for.

Look past the basic necessities of a place to sleep to give your guest room a hotel quality your guests will appreciate. Be sure to keep an eye out for small details you might have overlooked — are there hangers in the closet? Are there facial tissues readily available? Is it the holidays? Put out something festive.

Starting with these small details will show your guests you care. They’ll feel welcome, reassured, and spoiled by their experience because your guest room has everything they need and more.

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2. Designate a space just for them to make your guest room feel more welcoming.

It can be slightly awkward arriving on someone’s doorstep with a couple of suitcases in tow. As a guest, you enter the house and you’re not quite sure where to go or where to put personal things. Immediately addressing this for your guests will instantly put them at ease. You want them to feel more like they’re on vacation, and be less concerned with being the perfect house guest.

A hotel-worthy guest room means your guests have space to call their own.

In other words, make sure they have a designated place to put their personal belongings. This means:

  • an area to hang clothing that needs to be hung
  • an obvious place for shoes
  • an area for their suitcases to be out of the way.

Don’t leave your guests digging through wrinkled, packed clothing in their suitcases. That’s no fun for anyone, so a drawer or two for clothing storage is always a good idea.

If you want your guests to feel welcome, they’ll appreciate a space where they can retreat for a private moment or slip away and recharge. Create a simple retreat to unwind with a good book or have a conversation on the phone without feeling rude. Don’t forget to provide a small table for books, cell phones, and knick-knacks, and a comfortable seat for them to relax in privacy for a moment.

A welcoming guest room will assure your guests they are able to step away from the action — and indulge in the space you’ve made for them.

Stoneside Custom Drapery and Roman Shades

3. Give guests control over their environment.

One of the best things about a hotel room? Temperature control. It’s easy to overlook this. After all, you’re comfortable in your own home, so it might not cross your mind that someone may not feel as comfortable as you do.

This doesn’t mean you have to install heating and cooling systems adjustable by room or give them access to the entire house thermostat. Simply adding extra blankets, fans, and sunlight control will do the trick. Extra blankets are cozy and comforting, and a fan will ensure your guests have a chance to cool off if they’re warm.

Sunlight can be wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming. Make sure they have the option to open and close their blinds or shades, so their guest room provides them the control they need.

4. The right window treatment can bring your guest room to the next level.

Window treatments do more than control the sunlight. They can set the tone for your guest room by making it more comfortable and cozy. Window treatments are essential for creating a luxurious guest space. They affect:

Allow your guests to control their temperature, but also give them the experience of a great night’s sleep. Solar shades and drapes provide excellent light blocking ability, as well as style. Luxury hotel rooms often have drapes for temperature control and elegance, so if you’re looking for that luxury feel, drapes are definitely the way to impress your guests. Drapes are also an excellent choice for layering. Your guests can maximize natural light but maintain privacy with layered window treatments.

Ensure your window treatments are updated and user-friendly for a more convenient guest experience. Dated or inefficient window treatments can make your guests a bit uncomfortable. You wouldn’t want them to struggle with tangled cords from blinds, or feel conscious of their privacy because slats in the blinds are bent or missing.

Make sure your window treatments match the room’s function and style by updating specifically for your guest room. And bonus — many modern window treatments have the added convenience of motorization.

With motorized window treatments, your guests can enjoy a high-end hotel… in your home.

They’ll control the light, environment, and temperature at the touch of a button. If you’re hoping your guests will have a memorable experience, this is the cherry on top. Not many guests expect to have that much control over their stay in someone else’s home, but your guest room will surpass their expectations and truly make them feel at home.

Are you looking to make your guest room a luxury stay? Get a high-end window treatment worthy of your space — and your guests — with our custom window treatments.

Reach out for your free consultation, and start your convenient, custom window treatment design now. And enjoy creating a hotel-worthy guest room in your home.