Custom Window Treatments Even Apartment Dwellers Can Use

Custom window treatments are a no-brainer for house owners, with countless benefits that help elevate a home’s design. Yet custom coverings can also be advantageous for apartment dwellers. Apartments have their own unique window needs that can benefit from thoughtful coverings. In many apartments, lighting, size, and privacy issues abound. Cleverly chosen window treatments can help transform a space by not only letting in as much light as possible but also making rooms feel more open and allowing for privacy even in a busy urban environment.

Not all window treatments will be ideal for apartment dwellers, though. In the wrong home, a window treatment can exacerbate an apartment’s lighting and space problems. So here are a few examples of the kinds of custom window treatments that work well in apartments.

Vertical lines to make a room look bigger.

For many apartments, the biggest aesthetic concern is the size. Small apartments need all the help they can get to look more open and spacious, while even large apartments can look truncated if decorated poorly. Window treatments can play a big part in this equation. Vertical lines help make ceilings look taller and, therefore, help rooms look bigger. This can be achieved with drapes or even vertical blinds. Long drapes that hit the floor help open up a room and those made from more sheer fabric contribute to a room’s airy feeling. One thing to keep in mind, though, is while it might be tempting to opt for shorter drapes, drapes or curtains that are too short actually make the ceiling feel lower.

Blinds and transitional shades to let more light in and keep privacy intact.

One drawback of apartments is that they don’t always have as many windows as a house, and as a result can feel darker. That’s why it’s critical to make sure the windows of an apartment are given window treatments that allow a lot of light. Yet, privacy is also an issue with many apartments, as the building may be right on the street with easy visibility into the home. Luckily, there are certain window treatments that deliver great light control while also maintaining privacy.

Blinds are a smart option for apartment dwellers since they give you plenty of control over how much light enters any room. In addition, blinds are easy to clean. One Stoneside client had old cellular shades that had become very dirty, since her condo is surrounded by driveways and traffic at close proximity. Our experts determined that faux wood and vertical blinds were the best choice for her apartment, since they're easier to keep grime-free and stay looking like new for longer. For those with privacy concerns, top-down bottom-up blinds allow owners to open the top of the window, keeping the bottom half covered. As a result, a room can be flooded with light while the inside can still be hidden to passersby. Another option is transitional shades, sometimes called zebra shades, which let apartment dwellers adjust between sheer panels that let in light and solid panels that promote privacy.

Drapes that can be repurposed for renters.

For those who don’t own their apartment, custom window treatments are certainly not out of the question. In fact, drapes are a great way to make a rented place truly feel like home. Drapes have a few advantages for renters. First, they can be flexible in terms of size and potentially repurposed if you move into a new space. Often their fabric can work in new rooms and windows, or sometimes they may need to be hemmed to fit shorter windows. This isn’t always true for blinds and shades that are made to fit more precisely to a certain window shape and size. Another benefit of drapes for renters is that they pair well with other treatments. Typically, rental properties will come with blinds or shades already installed in the window. Custom drapery can be added to the equation to add a stylish and personal touch to the basic window treatments provided.

These are a few examples of how custom window treatments can benefit apartment dwellers, whether you own or rent. With great window treatments, any apartment can feel roomy and personal. Want to learn more about how custom window treatment can work in your home or apartment? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.