Home Automation Ideas & Devices You Need to Know

Just a few decades ago, when movies and TV shows would depict “the future,” they would use gadgets and inventions that seemed impossible to imagine. “The Jetsons” had a robot that vacuumed floors. In “Total Recall,” cars drove themselves. And “Minority Report” envisioned high-tech crime fighting with touch screens (as well as digital news and ads targeted specifically to a viewer). Obviously, when it comes to technological innovations that make life easier, the future is now. Home automation ideas that seemed fanciful a handful of years ago are now reality in many people’s daily activities.

Smart home devices have revolutionized our lives in countless ways. Mainly, we’ve come to rely on them for the unprecedented ease and convenience they offer. Robotic vacuum cleaners save us the task of lugging old-fashioned models around and operating them by hand, freeing up our time for more important matters. Automated refrigerators can tell us when we need more milk, and save our shopping lists for the next trip to the grocery store. Our smartwatches don’t just tell us the time, but send us texts, track our steps, and monitor our heart rate. And we feel more secure at night or away from home knowing that security systems and cameras are keeping us safe.

While the best home automation products all feature technological advances that make our lives run smoothly, that convenience is bolstered with a whole-home web of Internet connectivity that links everything together. These systems give you the capability of coming home and turning on your front room lights, switching the air conditioner on, preheating the oven to cook dinner, and calling your spouse—all with the swipe of a home automation app, or voice commands to your preferred smart home hub device. It’s not about individual products working well on their own, but integrating seamlessly with each other to give you complete control over your surroundings. With all automation ideas, it’s about putting the technology to work for you.


Each year, new devices are introduced, and older models evolve with more bells and whistles. You always need the basics, of course, such as power strips and light bulbs that have Wi-Fi capability, as well as a central device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. But then there are the products that may not be necessities but are just plain cool, such as digitally operated barbecues or smart beds that may help you finally get those precious hours of sleep. The beauty of these home automation examples is that you can build a setup tailored to your needs. If you come home late from work every day, you can program the lights to come on before you leave the office. If you travel frequently, a home security system is essential. Or if you have a large family with everyone leading busy schedules, you can coordinate with digital calendars or leave messages for each other with smart home devices. The optimal home automation system is whatever you need it to be—and it should include automated window treatments.

Motorizing Your Window Coverings

Stoneside is renowned for its selection of custom shades, blinds, and drapery. But we’re also experts at motorization systems that greatly enhance the usability and effectiveness of your window treatments.

Our blinds and shades can be upgraded with a variety of automated features that are either hard wired or battery powered. For a long time, the standard control devices for motorization have included remotes, wall switches, and auto wands. But as with other home automation products, great leaps in technology have revolutionized window treatments, too.

We are proud to offer the latest cutting-edge automated window treatments. To raise or lower your blinds or shades, simply tap an app on your phone or tablet, or use a voice command on your smart home device. Some of these systems also give you the option to program your window coverings on set schedules—you can automatically raise the shades in your bedroom when you get up in the morning while also lowering the ones in the kitchen so that you can enjoy your coffee without the sunlight’s glare.


Because we recognize the value of an interconnected home, our motorization options can be paired with many of the leading smart home operating systems. Among them:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • Control4
  • Crestron®
  • Google Home
  • Lutron®
  • Savant
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Wink
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave®

Just as technology has transformed automation ideas for the home, it’s also transformed how you can order custom window coverings. Apps and software make it easy to build an interior design scheme for your home virtually by uploading photos of your room and testing furniture layouts or paint colors. At Stoneside, we incorporate advanced technology into our virtual consultations. You can meet with one of our design experts through a video conferencing platform to discuss ideas and options for your ideal set of window treatments, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

We’re not sure what exciting home automation ideas are coming in the future, but for now, you can enjoy the latest and greatest in technology by exploring all that motorization has to offer. Contact us today to truly elevate your home to a smart home.

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