How to Optimize Office Blinds and Shades to Create a Zen Workplace in Your Home

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 8/23/2022

We’re breaking down the best window treatments for offices to help you create a calm, productive workspace at home.

Your home office has become one of your most frequently used rooms. Remote work flexibility has shifted the homeowner’s focus when it comes to home office space. Where before a small desk in a hallway or an adjacent wall in the guest room was sufficient, now we’re seeing home offices as a key player of home design.

The question we’re now posing to ourselves is this: how do we create a space that functions well and creates a zen environment for productivity, but also looks good doing it?

Your home office needs to be a place of peaceful concentration. One free of distraction, where the temptation to wander back into the kitchen for a snack or the couch for a quick nap won’t easily overtake you. It’s simple, really. When you’re easily distracted, your output decreases. And your free time suffers because of it.

You also need an office that’s comfortable. If you’re constantly having to adjust your chair to get the direct sunlight out of your eyes or get up to adjust the thermostat, your home office isn’t functioning as it should. Comfort is just as important as freedom from distractions, so keep that a top priority.

With the best window treatment for your home office, you can create a comfortable, distraction-free zone that looks just as stylish as it is functional.

Keep your productivity firmly in place with a home office that matches your style and function needs.

Think about the home office you currently have. Is there a reason you’re looking into changing your office blinds? Perhaps you’re constantly annoyed at the fact you can’t see outside when your shades are down, or your blinds are due to be replaced because of malfunctioning mechanisms. No matter what you’re facing, if you’re considering a home office upgrade, you’ll need to figure out exactly what functionality you need from your home office blinds or shades.

  • Do you need insulation? Perhaps you’re tired of taking that sweater on and off on repeat, or you forget about that chill every year until it’s the middle of winter.

  • Does your office get too much direct sunlight? Are you being blinded by morning or afternoon? Is the glare too much for your computer screen?

  • Are your windows within easy reach? Can you adjust your shades or blinds fairly easily, or would a motorized window treatment help make things more convenient for you?

No matter what your functionality needs are, there’s a window treatment to match. And often, there’s more than one. Having multiple options means you’ll be able to prioritize function and treat yourself to a zen home office that’s beautiful, too.

Try light filtering shades for a comfortable home office

The first thing you’ll need to consider for your home office is the level of light control you need. Would you do better with a blackout shade, or is simple light filtering going to be sufficient? Often, light filtering offers plenty of light control. These window treatments come in a variety of light-filtering strengths and would do well in most home offices.

The good thing about all of these is they offer such a variety of light control and style, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your space.

Too much sunlight in your home office? Here’s how to reduce glare.

Glare reduction can help you not only see your screens better but deal with unwanted light bouncing off of your desk and other furniture in your office.

So which blinds and shades do best to mitigate glare? Most light filtering blinds and shades will limit glare, but light filtering roller shades, solar shades, roman shades, and transitional shades are top performers. Sheer drapery is also a good option for a softer sophisticated look, and is easily paired with heavier drapery for even more luxury.

Stoneside Custom Roman Shades

A zen office space means peaceful concentration: blackout shades keep out light (and distractions).

If sunlight (or streetlights) are a major deterrent of your productivity, you may want to consider blackout shades.

Blackout shades are designed to keep out as much light as possible, using tight weaves, high performing materials, and optimized construction. Custom-made blackout shades ensure a tight fit within your window frame, which is essential to blocking unwanted light.

Many different shades come with blackout options, and almost all of our window treatments come with heavier light filtering or room darkening materials.

Not all offices need full blackout window treatments, but it can be very helpful for remote working creatives. Blackout shades are particularly appreciated by graphic artists, video editors or creators, photographers, and gamers, because they rely on visual details that may be missed if there’s too much light detracting from computer screens.

Transitional shades give you the best of both worlds: light and privacy

Not looking for blackout but still want more light control? Look no further than transitional shades.

Transitional shades are constructed somewhat similarly to roller shades, but visually have slats that are commonly associated with blinds. By manipulating your transitional shades, you can get a softer light filtering effect (from the “open” blinds) or even offset your “blinds” to transition them to light blocking.

Natural light always provides a good energy boost, and for those of us that struggle with working in darker atmospheres, it’s a must. Transitional shades give you the opportunity to block out light without making it an all or nothing situation you’d experience with blackout shades. (If you open your blackout shades, you won’t receive any light filtration, and when you shut them all light is blocked out.) Transitional shades let you choose how much light you’d like to have from moment to moment.

Best blinds for home office

Blinds can be a wonderful alternative for creating a zen home office, but you should choose your blinds carefully, depending on your needs and how you plan to use your window treatments.

Wood blinds - use our wood blinds for your home office if you want the look and function of blinds, but plan on raising and lowering your blinds frequently. Lighter than other options, our wood blinds are a fantastic choice for a home office where simple design and light control are your main focuses.

Composite blinds or faux wood blinds - use either of these if you don’t plan on raising and lowering your window treatments. You can open and close these by manipulating the slat positioning, but if you love the look of blinds and don’t need them to raise and lower frequently, these are great options.

Stoneside Custom Sheer Drapery

Motorized blinds and shades give you maximum control

No matter what you choose, motorization for your home office is a must. Convenient, functional, stylish, and modern, motorized window treatments give you so much more control than standard window treatments.

You know the drill — you get up to adjust your blinds every couple of hours because the sunlight is changing as the day progresses. Just imagine not having to lean awkwardly over your desk to adjust the height of your blinds. Awkward pauses in your video meeting to deal with the one strip of light landing right in your eyes is no longer a situation. Instead, motorization gives you flexibility and convenience in one package. No more breaks in concentration in a space that gives you more chances to optimize your productivity.

Just because they function well doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing in style

Considering your functional options for creating a zen office doesn’t mean you have to give up a stylish workspace.

With home office spaces on the rise in the design world, we’re taking a look at some gorgeous workspaces from top designers.

A favorite office design of ours is done by Ore Studios. This stylish design features gorgeous light filtering roman shades which are replicated in a similar design featured here. Neutral and understated, these shades offer an interesting texture that creates more dimension in the space.

Another favorite just might inspire you to dive headfirst into layering drapery in your home office with a sheer underlayer for those sunny days you want to keep enjoying from indoors. These buttery drapes are smooth and luxurious, the perfect backdrop for productivity in style.

When it comes to your home office, you deserve the best.

And when it comes to Stoneside, that’s exactly what we give. Beyond just product quality.

We believe that when it comes to our client’s homes, finding the perfect solutions for their unique needs is not only our mission, but it’s our pleasure.

We love it when clients come back to us with incredible stories of how their experience went above and beyond expectations.

Your home office doesn’t need a one-size-fits-all solution. Your office is a huge part of your life — the time you spend in it enables many rich and special moments outside of it. Make your home office a place of comfort, productivity, and satisfaction. Give yourself the zen you deserve while you’re there.

Chat with us today and we’ll connect you with your own personal design consultant to help you decide how your zen office should look and feel. Pretty soon, you’ll have a home office you’ll look forward to using.