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Single Cell vs Double Cell Shades: What's the Difference?

By: Liam Nelson

Updated: 9/21/2023

Discover what makes cellular shades “double-cell” or “single-cell”... and why it really matters.

You may have heard of “insulating blinds” (a misnomer that actually refers to cellular shades) and you may have even seen some. But did you know that you have TONS of options when it comes to designing your cellular shades?

These shades are top contenders when it comes to climate control, and their top-down bottom-up feature is something we can’t live without. But cellular shades have even more to bring to the table than you may be aware of.

Today we’re here to spill the beans on cellular shades and all the options you get with these heavy hitters.

What are cellular shades?

Cellular shades are a type of shade often used in homes where climate control is a top priority. And that doesn’t mean it’s only best for colder climates — if you’re trying to give the AC a break from cranking out cooler air, these shades are right up your alley.

The biggest feature that sets them apart from other window treatments is their internal honeycomb structure that traps air between folds of fabric. The honeycomb design offers a unique and effective alternative to roller shades, whose flat design (while gorgeous) doesn’t do as well at mitigating temperature swings.

The difference between double cell and single-cell shades

Remember that honeycomb ‘cell’ structure we just described? Cellular shades can come with one layer of cells… or two. When a cellular shade has two layers of cells, they are referred to as a double-cell shade.

Double cell shades have two layers of cells — one on the front, facing your interior, and one on the opposite side facing your window. This extra layer provides an extra measure of climate control, noise dampening, and light filtration.

Single-cell shades have only one layer of cells along your window treatment but still offer similar benefits.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades
Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades
Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades
Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

So how do you know which one you need?

No matter which one you choose, cellular shades are ripe with benefits, including:

  • noise dampening
  • privacy
  • light filtration
  • climate control

If you’re trying to determine which one is right for you, the answer is about how much control you need from your window treatment.

If you live in a climate that takes you on a wild yearly roller coaster when it comes to temperature, you may want to consider double-cell shades. On the other hand, if you want some climate control but are more concerned about the top-down, bottom-up feature to optimize privacy, you’ll probably be satisfied with single-cell shades. Think of it this way: if you want more noise dampening and more climate control, opt for double-cell.

Additionally, you may like the aesthetic of one over the other. We know how important it is to appreciate your window treatments visually, so this isn't an area to dismiss.

Are double-cell shades better for blocking light?

Double-cell shades are not necessarily better at blocking light. Both double-cell shades and single-cell shades offer various degrees of light filtration. But don’t worry — your design consultant will show you all your options for material and backing, so you can choose the right level of light filtration for you.

Here at Stoneside, we offer four different levels of light filtration from our cellular shades:

  1. Sheer

  2. Semi-Sheer

  3. Semi-Opaque

  4. Blackout

All of these opacities can be used for your cellular shades, both double and single-celled.

Light filtering isn’t the biggest difference between double and single-cell window treatments. The biggest difference between double cell and single cell is actually the level of climate control.

Because of their double-celled structure, double cell shades offer a higher level of temperature control. Our Olympus line has double cells and double the material creating the pocket, bringing temperature control to a whole new level.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

How to choose the right cellular shades for your home

Cellular shades are one of the most popular window treatments in places like the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, but these window treatments can be used in all kinds of climates — and all types of rooms.

Imagine your little one’s nursery, where you would hate for drafts to make your child uncomfortable. (Or too much heat waking them up and disturbing your sacred afternoon nap time.) You also want an option that offers natural light without giving up on the privacy you so cherish. Cellular shades also come with cordless and motorized options so you can be sure your child is safe in their space.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Cellular shades are a top performer in every room, whether it’s your office, living room, or even your dining room.

So how do you choose which ones are right for you?

Our guidelines for choosing window treatments (no matter the type) are to always think of your priorities and the style you want.

Those details you’re worried about? You don’t have to make those choices right now. When you partner with Stoneside, we pair you with a design consultant who will show you your options and support you through the process.

Our design consultants are experts in our products and in customer service.

They’re here to give you all the support and information you need to make the best choice for your home.

Worried about whether you need sheer or semi-sheer? We can tell you more about each, as well as get to know your daily activities and your space so we can point you in the right direction.

Concerned you may need double-cell over single-cell? Don’t quite understand the difference between single and double-celled shades? We can guide you as you decide which one will be best for your unique situation.

Still not sure about the style? We can help with that, too.

Stoneside Custom Cellular Shades

Our design consultants are not our sales team — they’re our leading customer service supporters, there to help you every step of the way on your journey to purchasing new window treatments.

We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations. That’s why with Stoneside, you truly get a white-glove experience. So whether you’re interested in cellular shades, or are curious about a different window treatment, we’re here to help.

Ready to start your window treatment journey? Reach out to us today and schedule your free consultation. We’ll help you choose every piece of your window treatment — from light filtration to cordless options, we’ll get you everything you’ve ever wanted.

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