Solar Shades - SheerWeave 4100 10% Openness - Silver Sand 011 - Kitchen
Solar Shades - SheerWeave 4100 10% Openness - Silver Sand 011 - Kitchen

Solar Shades in San Francisco

With our wide selection of solar shades, you can create a beautiful look, while protecting furniture and floors from harmful UV rays. Solar screens also control glare and reduce energy costs, all while preserving your view.
  • Custom-crafted in the United States
  • Solar screens with 1%, 3%, 5%, 10% and 14% openness factors to help diffuse light and protect from UV rays
  • Multiple styles and colors, including options to reduce glare & reflect heat, with KoolBlack Technology
  • Wide offering of lift and motorization options
  • Easy to use home automation options
  • Large offering of fabric, wood, and metallic valance, headrail, and fascia options to best coordinate with your home or office
  • Multiple hem bar options, including heat-sealed
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Solar Shades - E-Screen 5% Openness - White - Bedroom

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Shades

What are Solar Shades?

The shade consists of a flat piece of material that rolls up or down from a headrail at the top of the window treatment. It can be operated by a cord loop, cordless, or motorized system.

How Do Solar Window Shades Reduce Glare?

The woven material on these shades is rated by an openness factor. The more open, or loose, the weave, the more light is let through. Openness factors range from 1% to 14%; 1% indicates a tight, dense weave that lets in minimal light, while 14% signifies a looser weave.

What are the Dimensions of Solar Shades?

These window treatments can be customized to fit your windows. Widths range from 8” to 192” and lengths from 12” to 168”.

What Kinds of Features Do Solar Shades Have?

In addition to the various operating systems, our custom solar shades can be ordered in many different colors, with options for decorative valances, headrails, and hem bars. KOOLBLACK® Technology can be added for maximum glare reduction.

Why Should You Consider Solar Window Shades for Your Home?

Any room that tends to get a lot of overpowering sunlight would benefit from solar shades.