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How to Bring 2021’s Top Color Trends Into Your Home This Autumn

Add an autumn color scheme into your living room (and beyond!) using 2021’s fall color palette.

Changing home decor with the season

Days are getting shorter and the hot summer days are starting to cool down. For many, this is a welcome change as the excitement grows for the new season. For some, autumn brings busy mornings and rushing off to the first days of school. For others, it means changing over your wardrobe and digging your favorite sweaters out from the back of your closet.

Seasonal changes also bring excitement and anticipation for familiar seasonal activities: apple picking, pumpkin carving, or sipping a hot cup of cocoa on a brisk afternoon.

With all these familiar and timeless experiences, you want to surround yourself with reminders of the changing season and the feelings that come with it.

That’s why seasonal changes often inspire us to do some redecorating in our homes. With all the fun activities to look forward to, why not bring seasonal change into your home as well?

You can do this in many different ways. If you’re wanting subtle changes, try adding accessories and decor featuring fall colors. If you’re in love with some of 2021’s colors, consider making a more substantial and long-lasting change using your home’s furnishings.

Hint: this can actually be done for any season! But make sure you’re careful with your choices. Read more about this below.

2021’s fall colors for home decor

Doing some home redecorating for fall can be a challenge but the easiest and most effective way is by bringing fall colors inside. The top trending colors for 2021 have wonderful autumn hues — perfect to use in your fall home decor.

Our top two favorite color palettes for 2021 include The Nordic Edit by Farrow & Ball and the Rediscover palette by Jotun.

Both of these palettes include neutral colors that will perfectly pair with autumnal color schemes. Each palette also includes bolder colors that have fall undertones. Together, they create the perfect blend to bring autumn ambiance into your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more.

Our favorite Fall combos:

Jotun Hummus

Photo Credit: Jotun

Jotun Earth Brown

Photo Credit: Jotun

Jotun Natural Clay

Photo Credit: Jotun

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How to bring autumn colors into your home decor

Bringing seasonal changes into your home should be done thoughtfully. After all, you’ll likely want to decorate for other seasons, too. If you’re looking for a whole-home refresh, choose paint colors and larger pieces that pair with any seasonal palette.

Then, find accessories and smaller decor pieces to bring in autumnal tones. For example:

  • throws
  • pillow covers
  • artwork
  • planters
  • decorative objects

Not everything has to be fall-centric, though. Select pieces that can be versatile throughout the year, too. For example, an earthy orange vase makes a beautiful centerpiece on your dining table in the fall. In the summer, tuck it into a bookshelf, where it can serve as an accent piece rather than a focal point.

You can even get more enthusiastic by adding natural seasonal elements like dried flowers and branches, pumpkins, and autumn-inspired accents.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your home furnishings balanced. If your living room sofa is a bold color, using neutral colors for your rug, pillow, and throws will help keep your living room from becoming overwhelmed by too much bold color.

The same is true if you have more neutral colors as your main furnishings. Bolder accents will give your home more depth and dimension — not to mention a little zhuzh for the season.

Embrace autumn with a seasonal color scheme in your living room

Living rooms are often one of the most commonly used areas of the home and a wonderful place to update with seasonal decor.

Use accessories to invigorate your space for fall. Simple touches are often the most impactful.

  • Add a rustic wood bowl filled with gourds to the coffee table.
  • Place a woven basket next to the sofa to corral cozy blankets.
  • Layer in a few brass candlesticks on the mantle.

Small details can add texture, layers, and rich fall colors that make your home feel like fall.

Interior designer Bobby Berk also breaks down colors you want to have in your home, and it just so happens that two of those colors fit within 2021’s color trends and with our fall theme. Earthy Clay and Golden Yellow are very similar hues found within Farrow & Ball’s and Jotun’s 2021 color palettes.

Go big with larger pieces. Larger pieces such as chairs, settees, sofas, and ottomans make a statement, and you can choose a color that blends well with any seasonal palette to ensure a timeless look.

Choose a piece with the biggest impact. Rugs and window coverings have a dramatic impact on your home’s interior decor. Rugs with multiple colors allow you to tone down or highlight colors at will. For example, if your rug has creamy whites, subtle greens, and rich browns, play up the color that best fits the season. For autumn, you might want to maximize the rich brown tones. So find a few decor items in a similar hue and layer them throughout the room. Decide you’d rather highlight the creamy whites for winter? Use the same principle but with white decor. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes with minimal effort or investment.

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Highlight your seasonal choices with the right window treatments

Neutral colors are always a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their home’s window treatments. Choose a neutral to help you make easy seasonal changes to your home’s decor, as well as keep your home looking clean and fresh year-round.

When you consider different color and fabric choices, keep your autumn color palette choices in mind so they pair well with your autumn decor.

Although color is an obvious consideration for bringing autumn charm into your home, you’ll also want to consider the texture. Pick a textured fabric for your window treatments for even more depth and character. Fabrics with more distinctive texture work fantastically with autumn interior decor, making your home feel cozy and comfortable.

Accent your home’s fall feeling with Stoneside

We’re just as excited about the changing season as you are, and before you know it, we’ll be enjoying cozy nights sipping cider by the fireplace.

Feeling inspired to bring in the flavor of autumn into your home?

Find out more about our process. During your free design consultation, we’ll team up to learn what you want most from your window treatments. Together, we’ll help you find the perfect blind or shade for autumn decor — and every season thereafter.

Our design consultations are streamlined and personal because we believe in creating a superior hands-free experience from start to finish. Book your free consultation now and let’s enjoy those autumn vibes together.