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Which Window Treatments You Need to Keep Harsh Sun Out and Summer Vibes In

Plus, why you should use your window treatments like normal in the summer

Your window treatments aren’t just there to look pretty. (Although that’s a major win, of course.) Drapes, blinds, and shades are meant to do more than just hang there. They:

  • Keep your home comfortable: No unwanted swings in temperatures (hot OR cold), and no glare from harsh sunlight.

  • Keep your home functional: You shouldn’t have to constantly adjust your seat in your home office, or move the baby’s playpen to avoid the sun. Not to mention — you may be able to cut back on energy usage trying to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  • Keep your home safe: Use cordless window treatments instead of corded, and in some cases block UV rays from damaging your home furnishings

  • Keep your home updated: Have a welcome and comfortable home that doesn’t feel dated and worn out.

Keep temps cool and comfortable by actually using your window treatments this summer

Leaving your window treatments in place and dismissing their presence is a homeowner no-no. If you’re not using your window treatments appropriately, you may have some undesirable outcomes:

  • Higher energy usage
  • Discomfort
  • UV damage to interiors
  • Unwanted glare and heat
  • Too much sunlight (yes, it’s definitely a thing)

So, no matter the time of year, this post can help you make sure you’re using your window treatments to your full advantage.

Disclaimer: Some window treatments are not meant to be open and closed daily. These are specifically used in areas where aesthetic is the priority, and functionality isn’t as crucial, or where simple blind adjustments are sufficient. Make sure you share how often you’d like to use your window treatments when you chat with your personal design consultant, and what you need the most out of your shades or blinds.

Window coverings to keep the sun (and heat) out

This is one of the most important reasons to use your window treatments diligently. Window treatments should be used for insulating during the winter and summer months, as they can function to keep heat in or out.

Cellular shades and drapery are both window treatments that shine when it comes to temperature control. Cellular shades are the most effective for insulation. Their honeycomb shape is designed with this function in mind.

Drapes are also often used for temperature control. The ability to insulate depends on factors like the tightness of the weave, the type of material, and the backing. Drapes are often made of heavy, high-quality material that serve as a block to keep heat in during the winter, but also to stop unwanted heat from stealing its way inside in the summer months.

Drapes are also doubly effective if they are layered with another window treatment such as a sheer drape, roller shade, cellular shade, or roman shade.

Stoneside Custom Solar Shades

This summer, keep your interior cool and protected with solar shades

Solar shades offer UV blocking technology and a unique ability to reflect heat back outside instead of allowing it to penetrate your interior. That makes these window treatments particularly effective at both heat control and UV protection.

Solar shades are also sleek and simple in their style — an excellent choice considering minimalism is trending in interior design at the moment.

That view you love of your backyard in the summer? You don’t have to block it entirely to keep out the sun. The more open the weave, the more you can see through the material to the outdoors, keeping your gorgeous summer views a priority — while still offering some sun filtration and preventing glare.

Choose a window covering that keeps out the sun — but works in all seasons

While you might swap out throw pillows and accessories seasonally, your window treatments need to look and function right no matter the season..

Even though you’re hoping for a window treatment that gives you all the benefits of summer, you’ll want to think about how you use your space in every season.

Are your winters especially harsh? Is harsh sunlight not an issue you have to deal with? Is privacy more important than both temperature and sunlight?

It’s easy to get caught up in summertime bliss, but make sure your decisions will last throughout the year.

Sheer drapery and summer go hand in hand

Just imagine the summer breeze floating through the window, your sheer drapes softly swaying. You close the window and the drapes, and you get soft light filtering in through your sheer drapes. You don’t have to give up the feel of summer. That natural light still flows inside, without too much heat pushing its way through.

Sheer drapes are not only luxurious, beautiful window treatments — they’re also effective at keeping harsh sunlight out of your living room, bedroom, or whichever room you choose.

Sheer drapes are made from quality material that acts as a filter for direct sunlight, dampening its intensity and transforming the potent rays into a soft, more palatable aesthetic. This also means that the powerful heat that could come with the sun is also minimized, keeping your home comfortable as well as charming.

Sheer drapes are excellent options on their own, especially in public spaces where privacy isn’t a high priority. For bedrooms or more control over functionality, pair them with drapery or a low-profile shade.

Don’t need more privacy but a bit more formal, polished look? Consider fixed drapery panels flanking your sheer drapes.

Should I keep my window treatments open or closed in the summer?

We’re firm believers in using your window treatments how they’re meant to be used. If you have window treatments that are meant to be opened and closed regularly, it’s best to use them as they’re intended. That way you’re taking advantage of their presence, and not missing out on any of their benefits.

From moment to moment, opening or closing them depends on what you want the most — more light or less heat. If you’re most concerned with keeping heat out, keep them in the closed position. If you want to let in direct sunlight, you’ll want them open.

Then again, direct light may not be exactly what you had in mind. Not only can it raise indoor temps, but direct sunlight can damage fabrics and wood surfaces over time.

If light filtration is a top priority and you want window treatments that will still let in ambient light, you’re in luck. Our window treatments have various levels of light filtration options available so you can find the perfect balance for your home.

If you’re consistently facing the question of whether you want more light or less heat, the real answer is you want BOTH. Consider a layered window treatment or one that is more transparent. For example, a light colored roller shade that won’t attract sunlight, will still let the sunlight through (by transforming the light from direct into a soft glow) and will keep heat from scorching your interior. Perhaps you’d prefer a cellular shade with lighter lining, so natural light isn’t blocked out completely.

With Stoneside, you’ve always got options. Including convenience. The best part? Our experts are here to help you make the best decision for your unique space and goals — so you can make the most of your investment.

Stoneside Custom Sheer Drpaery

Automatic or motorized window treatments for summer and beyond

There’s no need to worry about staying on top of opening and closing your window treatments on a daily basis. Who has time for that these days anyway? We certainly don’t!

If you don’t want to think about opening and closing your window treatments in the summer or any other time, consider opting for automatic or motorized window treatments.

Motorized window treatments come with a small motor installed in the stack, which makes you able to control your window treatments without having to lift more than a finger. The motor is controlled from an app on your smartphone, a wand, wall switch, or remote control — all able to be manipulated with a simple touch.

Want to go a step further? Maximize convenience with home automated window treatments.

Home automated window treatments give you the control of motorization, but with the freedom of setting your window treatments on a timer. Get drapery or shades that close automatically before you get ready for bed — then quietly open before your alarm goes off to let you gently wake to natural sunlight.

Take on the summer season with window treatments that last

It’s easy to read a list of available window treatments. What’s not easy? Knowing which one will be the best window treatment for you.

Even if you have an idea of which window treatment you’re curious about, you may not know what the benefits and drawbacks are, or if it’s truly the best fit. Trying to navigate do-it-yourself shops online is overwhelming.

At Stoneside, you’re more important than our sales. We prioritize customer experience over numbers no matter what. That’s why if you come to us for your window treatments, we work together to find a window treatment that will give you all the look, style, and functionality you’re dreaming of.

You deserve more than the one-size-fits-all of shopping at big box stores. Your windows, your home, and your life are unique — your window treatments should be, too. When you partner with Stoneside, our team members get to know exactly what you need from your window treatments, how you use your space, and what kind of daily experience you’re hoping to engage in.

Do you need a top insulating treatment to deal with daily temperature fluctuations? Do you want window treatments you can close without losing the ambiance of natural light? Our team is here to point you in the right direction, no matter what.

Reach out to Stoneside and schedule your free consultation. You’ll be paired with a design consultant who not only gets to know you personally but also knows our products intimately.

Together, let’s find a customized solution that will leave you feeling satisfied, pampered, and relieved because your home looks and feels its summer best.