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Interior Design Trends for 2022: A Look at Colors, Spaces, and Decor

Plus, our picks for timeless window treatments that complement this year’s design trends and have major staying power.

Many of the trends from 2021 stemmed from the massive shifts we encountered in 2020. As working from home became an expected norm, focus shifted in the interior design world to create a space that functioned both for personal use as well as professional.

We’ve gotten used to those and other shifting norms, so some design trends are here to stay through 2022, but that’s not true for everything. So what’s staying, and what’s going? Let’s take a look at the interior design trends sure to stand out in 2022.

With so much time spent indoors, one of 2021’s top trends was getting nature back into the home. Unable to take full advantage of normal freedoms, it became essential for nature to be brought from the outside into our interiors.

For some, this meant natural, neutral tones, but many of 2021’s color palettes were focused on bringing nature in through luxurious nature-inspired colors of blues, red tones with earthy hues, and golden yellows.

This urge to bring natural colors to interiors will surely bring new palettes of neutrals and nature-inspired colors into focus. In 2021, we saw blues take center stage, along with rich neutrals to bring earth and air in from the outside inward. Although we expect blues to remain on the palette, we do expect to see some fresh neutrals come into play in 2022. Already, the top color predictions of 2022 include a range of soft, earthy greens.

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While 2021 focused on comfort as you work from home, 2022 is all about creating a sustainable home workspace. We expect to see home offices become a future trend of interior design in 2022. With 2021’s renewed attention on working from home spaces, 2022 will be ripe with home office ideas and designs.

One thing we expect to see more than before? Designated home offices. While open-concept homes may be rising in popularity, the new emphasis of interior design is trending towards specifically separate home offices that have the ability to be closed off.

Isolating your home office not only brings functionality to your work-life, (productivity from home can be a huge struggle!) but will also promote a healthier work-life balance. The mood these days — and assuredly deep into 2022 — is to turn off that laptop and leave your work alone once you're done for the day. With a home office that’s visible from your open concept living room/dining room/hallway/kitchen, overspill from either part of life is inescapable. In 2022, home design trends hint this issue will be addressed with a designated, separate workspace.

When people were stuck at home the majority of the time, shopping from home became more than a convenience — it became a standard practice. With the frenzy of purchases and the convenience of shopping from home capitalized on, we expect 2022 to calm down a little bit on that front.

Instead, 2022 will be a renewed focus on getting back to the basics and embracing essentials. Minimalism, a design trend that has risen and fallen repeatedly in the interior design world, will again appear as a popular trend.

Minimalist spaces pair well with the neutral palettes, bringing calmness and tranquility to home interiors. But even with fresh neutrals, basic go-tos for furniture will trend back to the minimalist traditional colors.

With comfort and minimalism combined, blacks, whites, and browns, and warm grays will take an even bigger step into the interior design limelight for furniture pieces.

It’s already been mentioned that nature was a big inspiration for 2021’s design trends. With 2022 on the horizon, nature as an inspiration has triggered more than just colors.

Greenery and fresh air are clearly continuing to inspire the interior design and decor space in new ways. In 2022, interior design trends will feature natural spaces inside the home. Meaning homeowners are quite literally bringing nature inside — house plants and interior home gardening have quickly gained popularity and are sure to become mainstream in 2022.

Don’t have a green thumb? No fear — there are plenty of low-maintenance houseplants out there. But if you’re looking for zero maintenance, dried florals and grasses are having a big moment in the design world. Style a vase on your coffee table, mantle, or desk for a little glimpse of nature throughout the day.

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Window treatments will follow the design trends of 2022, including minimalism, nature, and natural color palette.

Clean lines and smooth edges embody the minimalist trend on the rise for 2022, making roller shades the clear winner for 2022. A clean, simple look makes a space feel uncluttered and refreshing and — with the right color and material — speaks to the nature so desired by homeowners for their interiors. With the array of colors available for custom window treatments, on-trend colors will be sure to be available for whatever window treatment you choose, including roller shades.

Roller shades are one of the most versatile window treatments, perfect for the 2022 trend of getting back to basics. We also predict some of these popular blinds and shades from 2021 to remain favorites.

We expect homeowners in 2022 will want sleek treatments that double up on functionality and style. In other words, they want window treatments that they can use however and wherever they want… and in any color. Add the option for motorized window treatments, and you’ve got less clutter and even more function.

Window treatments are one of those few design elements that automatically make a big impact in a space. Having dysfunctional or outdated window treatments will not only make a space feel tired but actually has an impact on function as well.

That designated home office won’t function properly without window treatments to help minimize glare. Your living room will get too hot in the intense afternoon sun — certainly too hot for the kids to play comfortably after school. The nursery could be too bright or too uncomfortable without appropriate window coverings to mitigate sound, temperature change, and light.

Ensure your space has the bare essentials, but also functioning essentials that are on-trend. With Stoneside’s vast options for materials and colors for roller shades, 2022’s color trends won’t be hard to find.

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