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3 Reasons To Pick Custom Drapes Over Insulated Curtains

By: Olivia Senderson

Updated: 9/15/2023

Here’s why custom drapes give you more quality, function, and style than insulated curtains

How do you spend your morning? For some, it’s quiet and peaceful, with subtle sounds of coffee brewing, catching up on the latest news, or enjoying your current read. For others, it’s bustling and busy, preparing for work, errands, and the responsibilities that the day brings.

But imagine if you’re going through your typical morning routine when you notice a chill in the air. It makes sense - temps were a bit lower than usual last night. But wait a minute… you don’t have windows open. How is that chill getting in?

The truth is, windows impact your home’s ability to regulate temperature. Despite your heating and air conditioning units being top-notch, windows can cause indoor temps to rise and fall noticeably throughout the day. In the summer, heat builds as a result of direct sunlight streaming in. Winters can be a challenge, with the chilly outside air creeping its way through the glass and into your living room.

Addressing the need for insulated window treatments is smart. By doing this, you’re equipping your home with the tools it needs to remain comfortable and effective.

While there are many insulating window treatment options, there are a few that stand above the rest.

Cellular Shades Are a Top Pick for Insulating Shades

Cellular shades are the number one choice for insulating window treatments. They’re designed with a very unique ‘cell’ structure that creates pockets of air, which effectively inhibits temperature fluctuations.

These are particularly effective for temperature control and have the added advantage of a top-down option. The top-down option gives more opportunities to have functioning window treatments in areas where privacy is a top priority, such as restrooms and bedrooms.

Insulated Curtains vs Drapes

While cellular shades are an excellent option if you live in areas of extreme temperature shifts, you might find yourself wanting an alternative for stylistic reasons.

Insulated curtains may seem like your next best option. Insulated curtains are curtains made with a heavier liner, which is meant to act as an additional layer of insulation on windows. Insulated curtains are better than not addressing your window’s insulation needs at all, but they do come with some drawbacks.

Insulated curtains can appear “messy” - if curtains are draped all the way to the floor for more insulation, they can appear disheveled because of their lighter fabric and constant adjustments.

Curtains still move with air movement - insulated curtains aren’t weighted, and will therefore flow with any air movement. This could be from an open window or air vents — even walking by can inspire them to flutter.

Insulated curtains aren’t fitted to your window - insulated curtains will come in standard lengths, unable to fit perfectly in your given space. Instead, you’re stuck with a standard fit instead of an ideal fit.

If you’re seeking to upgrade your window treatments with a more effective insulation option, custom-made drapes will give you superior comfort, as well as high-end style. Here are three reasons why.

1. Custom drapes are crafted for your windows

Custom means exactly what it says - it’s custom-crafted to your window’s exact specifications. Off-the-shelf curtains will never have the same effect as getting a custom window treatment that’s been measured and tailored specifically for your windows.

Custom drapes are a highly effective way to keep temperatures steady in your home. Depending on your styling preferences, custom drapes often fall all the way to the floor and are sometimes designed to have a small amount of fabric pooling at the base. This does much more for climate control than curtains, whose airy quality and lightweight fabric don’t hold below the window ledge as effectively. Extending past the window ledge and providing coverage around every corner ensures a more effective insulating window treatment.

Stoneside Custom Drapery for Living Rooms

2. Custom drapes are crafted from higher quality material

Unlike curtains with a liner, custom drapes are crafted from high-quality materials — and it shows. Our custom drapes are sourced from only the finest fabrics, and because you’re getting them custom-made, you’ll get to decide on the exact color and type. These fabrics are heavier than curtains, giving them more useful as an insulating window treatment as well as having stylish appeal.

The ends of the custom drapes are weighted down with weights inside the hem, which hold them in place and add to their appearance. Custom drapes are double hemmed — meaning they’re meant to last. Timeless and classic, they emote a luxurious feel because of their high-quality material and design.

3. Custom drapes offer luxurious style not found in curtains

Custom drapes are one of the most luxurious window treatments available. Their high-end look comes from the elegant nature of the draped fabric. So you get the designer look and quality feel you want.

Your drapes don’t have to be too dark, even though thicker fabric and lining ensure higher levels of temperature control. Moody interiors are rising in popularity, but if you’d rather have an airy atmosphere, you can achieve the same insulation with light-colored fabrics. The weight and weave of the fabric will have more effect on its insulation.

Elegant, timeless, and classic, custom drapes will instantly elevate your space.

So what about other window treatments? Do solar shades or roller shades insulate?

Solar shades are a very versatile window treatment that offers many benefits. Not only do solar shades effectively control visible light, but they also combat elements such as harmful UV rays and distracting glare. Solar shades feature a “flat” look made from different types of materials including fabrics and vinyl. They’re a great option if you love a minimalist look.

Unlike the insulating methods used by cellular shades, these “flat” window treatments use different technology to block temperature transference. Although it may seem fairly technical, the most important thing to understand is that instead of heat going through your solar shades, it’s reflected back outside. This allows you to control the temperature during those hotter months by keeping the heat outside. While solar shades do help with temperature control, they will not keep heat in as effectively as cellular shades and window treatments made with heavier, tighter woven fabric.

Roller shades look very similar to solar shades. Solar shades are, essentially, a subset of the roller shade. Roller shades offer more privacy and light control and are not typically used for insulation. However, if you’re looking for insulating window treatments, they do make a great addition as a layered shade with custom drapery.

Can you layer drapes?

Layering with drapes is an excellent choice for areas where you have more than one priority. For example, if insulation is important, but you’d like to have less light-blocking fabric, a roller shade with your drapes can give you subtle light dispersion while leaving your drapes in place for cooler evenings when privacy and climate control take precedence.

You can layer your custom drapes with :

Layering curtains can be done, but don’t achieve the custom fit or sophistication of layered drapes. Plus, their lightweight fabric isn’t as efficient in controlling the temperature.

Using two different treatments with complementary strengths means more control for you, the homeowner. You’ll be able to use one, or both at once. No matter the situation, you’ll have the power to control everything that window treatments are used for.

When you layer your drapes with shades, you get more:

Temperature control: Keep your home warm and cozy in the winter and cool and breezy in the summer. More temperature control means more comfort.

Privacy: More privacy gives you peace and security, not to mention any guests will appreciate the comfort of staying in a place where privacy is a priority.

Light control: Have control of the visible light from the sun, whether it’s a warm glow in the morning or the direct rays of a summer afternoon. When you control the light, you can control the comfort.

Style: Bring different colors in to tie different spaces together. Make statements as bold or as subtle as you prefer by layering different window treatments to complement any design style.

Stoneside Custom Drapery

Drapes work well in any room of your home

From the open-concept living room to your intimate home office, custom drapes can be used in almost any space. In particular, drapes are an excellent choice for living rooms because of their dramatic appeal, the privacy they provide, and the insulation they offer.

Bedrooms are also primed for custom drapes. Bedrooms should always have a high level of privacy, and custom drapes are an excellent approach to dealing with privacy needs. Not to mention their style is particularly suited for bedrooms because of their luxurious softening of a room to make it more comforting and cozy.

If You Want Custom Drapes, Go For the Highest Quality

Insulating window treatments are an excellent investment. You already need new window treatments, so you may as well use this chance to upgrade your space, and add even more function than you’d find with standard curtains.

With custom drapes, you’ll get a striking new style element that’s optimized to function in your space — light control, privacy, and temperature control in beautiful form. The bonus? Temperature control means you’re not online adding to the comfort of your home, but you’ll also be making your home more energy-efficient.

With custom insulated drapes, your morning won’t be interrupted by a chill sneaking its way into your home. No need to bust out those warm fuzzy socks every morning when temperatures change for the season. Your mornings will start as warm as your evenings end: in a comfortable, beautiful space you created with your own custom-designed insulated drapery.

If you’re ready to invest in your home’s comfort, choose higher-quality custom drapes from Stoneside. Our design team is here to help you sort out your options, discuss your ideal space, and ensure you are informed and confident throughout this process.

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