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New Year’s Resolution: An Impactful Home Update You’ll Love for Years

Let’s refresh your home for 2022

Are you ready to polish up your home and make it feel as bright and shiny as the New Year? We don’t blame you.

The new year brings some parts of life into glaring reality — the fact that the workout routine you swore you’d adhere to for 2021 lasted all of 3 months, the “eat more salads” goal was no better, and all those household projects you thought you’d finish are still waiting impatiently on your endless To-Do list.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an update for your home worthy of the new year? “New Year, New You” can also apply to your home. Updating your blinds and shades will make you feel as if things are finally being accomplished, and your home will get the refreshing “new” feeling you’ve been wishing for.

Top design trends for 2021 are sure to bleed well into 2022’s trends, and what better way to bring in the new year than by picking out contemporary window treatments for a refresh?

Why not start with a shade worthy of your new year? The 2022 trend forecast hints that roller shades aren’t going anywhere — they’re here to stay as a main player in the design world. And for good reason.

Simple, minimalist, and functional shades are gaining popularity, and the roller shade fits right in. Sleek and streamlined, this shade is the perfect update to bring your home into the new year.

And bonus: our custom collections all come with a huge selection of colors so adding a splash of this year’s top color choices will be a cinch.

Roller shades are extremely versatile, which makes them a highly desirable window treatment that can be used throughout the home, adapting to a space effortlessly. As different circumstances exist in adjacent spaces, roller shades allow you to address the needs and desires of your home and add a consistent design element to tie your space together. (This is extremely helpful for open-concept spaces, where the line-of-sight includes multiple rooms!) Cohesive, modern, adaptable, and sleek, roller shades make the perfect addition to freshen up your home for 2022.

Our favorite feature? Because roller shades are streamlined and minimal, they blend in with any style. Meaning you can invest once in a quality window treatment that transcends trends and lasts for years.

Stoneside Custom Roller Shades

Another current design top trend is Roman shades.

While understated, these classic window treatments have the style of drapes without the extra fabric that some homeowners prefer to avoid. Our custom Roman shades add soft, comforting appeal, and come in a variety of colors, so blending in your home’s interior decor will be a breeze. Even better, custom Roman shades have more style options to create the look you’re hoping for. Your 2022 is looking a whole lot more stylish, and a whole lot cozier.

If practicality is most important, cellular shades are one of the most energy-efficient window treatments available.

In fact, according to, insulated cellular shades are the most effective window treatment for climate control. Keeping the heat in during the winter and retaining coolness in the summer, cellular shades will keep your indoor temps right where you want them. If a refresh is what you’re needing, but you’d also prefer the bonus of an energy efficiency upgrade, cellular shades are exactly what you need.

Bring on 2022 in style with custom drapery

New year perspective can have you questioning whether or not your window treatments are due for an upgrade. On the other hand, you may be so accustomed to your window treatments you missed the obvious signs they’re begging to be replaced. Those blinds that don’t function just perfectly, those shades that are getting a bit dated, and those box store curtain panels are all ready for a 2022 pick-me-up. And trust us — there’s nothing better than brand new, custom-designed, luxurious drapes.

Can you tell we’re fans of drapery? We can never boast about custom drapes enough — they’re absolutely packed with value.

  • Customizable for the perfect fit
  • Stylish
  • Allow greater privacy
  • Functional
  • Insulating
  • Room darkening
  • Luxurious
  • Excellent for layering
  • Sound dampening

Their custom design ensures you get the fabric, weight, and fit you need. And the quality goes beyond product material and design: Our design experts measure each of your windows in person so your custom drapes are sure to fit precisely to the specifications of your windows.

Drapery is a dual-use window treatment, a versatile option for those with mixed room types and sizes. Living rooms, offices, bedrooms — you name it.

Drapes can be used to create an illusion of taller ceilings, perfect for intimate spaces like home offices or nurseries. Their luxurious feel and style also fill in larger areas extremely well, such as open-concept spaces, and their weighty softness adds the perfect level of comfort for bedrooms and guest rooms.

Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous, fresh new set of custom drapes. Just imagine welcoming your guests inside to check out the new, luxurious look you’ve embraced in your home for 2022, or the beauty as you take a step back to look at your custom drapes framing your gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows.

Are you imagining your dream windows? Why not start 2022 off with custom drapery — a timeless, classic option you’ll be sure to love.

Stoneside Custom Drapery

Update your home for 2022 with cordless shades and blinds

Your window treatments shouldn’t be stuck in the ’00s, especially when 2022 is knocking on your door. In the past few years, cordless shades and blinds have gained momentum in the design world, becoming standard in many homes, apartment buildings, and offices. This modern cordless feature replaces the standard string or pulley system often found in window treatments and is safer, more convenient, and stylish.

But how do you open and close your window treatments without a corded system?

Manipulating cordless blinds and shades is not complicated. Opening and closing your window treatments is done by lifting and pulling the window treatment directly, rather than with strings, a chain, or a pulley. With this option, you’ll no longer have to worry about tying your cords in a knot so they don’t drag on the floor when your blinds are open and you won’t have to try and find a solution for loose strings and chains cluttering up your space.

Perhaps 2022 is the year your space gets a refreshing boost of minimalism. Minimalism is trending for 2022, so getting a cordless window treatment to streamline and simplify your space is right on target for the new year.

Give your home a refresh with modern motorization or home automation

Many cordless blinds and shades are available with optional motorization. Motorized window treatments are right in line with minimalism trends, and it also creates more convenience and comfort. By adding this feature to your window treatments, your blinds and shades open and close on cue — simply from the touch of a button or switch.

Home automation takes this convenient option to a whole new level. When you connect your motorized shades and blinds to your Smart Home hub, many systems allow you to apply a timer to your whole system. That means you’ll have the option to set your blinds and shades on a schedule, rather than whenever you think of it each day. This set-it-and-forget-it feature gives you more control over your energy efficiency, light, and comfort. All without a thought from you, so you can spend your day on what’s really important, rather than wasting energy on mundane tasks.

Refresh with only the best: Stoneside is rated #1 for custom window treatments

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The culture we create within our company affects not just our employees, but our clients. We ensure our culture remains supportive, positive, and encouraging, so our employees understand how much we value them. This, in turn, is reflected in the care we give our clients.

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From start to finish, from your free consultation to your expert installation, and even beyond, our clients deserve the best.

So when you decide to update your home for 2022, make sure you’re choosing a company that not only has some of the highest quality products available but who also goes beyond your expectations when it comes to customer service.

2022 is the year your To-Do list actually gets done

A home refresh can mean different things — perhaps your window treatments aren’t functioning like they should be, or they’re simply looking shabbier than you’d like to see. Maybe a refresh to you means finally making a room feel bright and airy, embracing that moody palette you’ve been drooling over, or simply creating a cohesive look throughout your space.

Upgrading your window treatments could never come at a better time. 2021 is coming to an end, and — like many of us — we’re excited to jump into 2022 with a new, fresh perspective.

Your home is no different. After all, new spaces inspire new creativity, energy, and appeal that will be reflected in other areas of your home, and not just on your windows. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to introduce a new color in your home decor or you finally pin down the perfect furniture for your new home office.

Whatever direction you’re looking for in 2022, the change has to start somewhere. If it’s time for an upgrade for your shades or blinds, you’ll be left with an instantly rewarding style element to start your new year off right.

Your window treatments don’t need to be on your To-Do list for another year. With the click of a button, you can schedule your free in-home consultation. We’ll make sure the rest is effortless. So lift your glass of champagne for the toast, and mark ‘New Window Treatments’ off your To-Do list — it’s time to start 2022 off on the right track.

Reach out today and get you started with a free consultation. Let’s chat about the perfect home refresh for your 2022.