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Winter Window Treatments You Won’t Want to Miss

By: Natalie Elmhurst

Updated: 10/31/2023

Winterize your windows the easy way. Plus, the best-insulated window shades to prep your home for winter.

Have you noticed the chill in the air? We have! And that means it’s time to get prepped for those long winter months. You don’t want the outside chill creeping its way inside, so it’s important to prep for winter by making sure your windows have all they need to keep you warm.

Winterizing your windows or covering your windows for winter is always a good idea — we don’t want heat escaping through poorly sealed windows or unsubstantial window treatments. It’s time to insulate and double-check that your window treatments are effective for the colder months.

If you’re ready to upgrade those window treatments, there’s no better time to get started than now and choose the window treatments that will keep your home cozy and warm this winter.

How to winterize windows to amp up the cozy factor this winter (and keep those energy costs down!)

Winterizing your windows can save you from the uncomfortable cool drafts stealing their way inside when all you want to do is curl up with a mug of hot cocoa without getting another blanket to wrap up in.

Weatherproofing windows keep your windows working no matter what the time of year. You also want a home that’s as energy efficient as possible — you don’t want to be wasting energy (or paying extra each month) because your windows aren’t functioning how they should or because of a lack of insulation.

So how do you go about weatherproofing and winterizing your windows?

1. Inspect your windows

Notice where there are any gaps around your window frame and how well the window closes. Can you feel a draft after you close your windows? It might be the frame needs to be resealed using caulking or weather stripping. On the other hand, perhaps your window isn’t closing quite like it used to.

Do an assessment of your window and frame, checking for small cracks, gaps, and openings where air can pass through.

2. Seal your windows

Sealing your windows helps you keep your windows (and your home) well insulated in the colder months and in the hot.

If you find you need to seal your windows for winter, you can use caulking or sealant, depending on where your windows need to be sealed. If there is space between the window frame and the window insert, this is evidence that you need better winter window insulation and should consider sealing with caulk, sealant, or an insulation spray.

3. Use weather stripping

If you want to keep your home toasty in the winter rather than uncomfortable from drafts of chilly air, use weather stripping. Weatherstripping is a simple and inexpensive way to winterize your windows — it blocks those small, minuscule gaps that allow a little bit of air flow in and out of your home.

Weatherstripping is simple to use — often, it’s an easy matter of placing in the right areas and sticking using the self-adhesive provided on the stripping. This simple method fills in those gaps so you can enjoy your cozy home without any unwanted chill.

4. Install insulating window treatments

No matter how good your caulking, windows are simply not as insulated as your walls. No matter what — you’re going to want to cover your windows if you want to keep temperature control a priority.

Covering your windows for winter ensures your home is well-prepped for all those chilly winter days and nights. One of the most effective ways to winterize your windows is to install insulating window treatments such as cellular shades, though draperies and layering are also highly effective.

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How to cover your windows for winter

You can cover your windows for winter by installing insulating blinds and shades. This is especially important in wetter, cooler climates such as the Pacific Northwest and New England. But those colder winters in the middle of the States need just as much preparation (if not more!).

It’s time to bundle up your home and get cozy by the fire. But before you can snuggle up with your favorite book and a warm blanket, make sure your windows are tucked in with the right insulating window treatments. You know winter air doesn’t belong in your living room — insulating your windows with cool weather-appropriate window treatments will make a world of difference.

Winter window insulation doesn’t come just from well-installed windows — it comes from covering your windows the right way. The most effective window treatments for climate control are:

By choosing a new window treatment that functions as a climate-controlling design feature, you're getting both style and function out of your window treatments.

Find the right window treatment that fits both your design and utilitarian needs so your home feels more like a cozy sanctuary and less like the wintery world outside.

Use draperies for a timeless insulating window covering

No one wants to simply cover their windows — you want something that functions properly for the space and also looks beautiful. Draperies are one of the most multi-functioning window treatments out there. Draperies provide:

  • climate control
  • timeless design
  • privacy
  • light control
  • sound dampening

Their stylish design ensures they'll coordinate well with any interior decor — whether it's modern or more traditional.

Keep in mind that custom drapes are not the same as curtains you would find at a box store. Custom drapes are elegant, timeless, and are an eye-catching design feature. Crafted from only the highest quality fabrics, custom drapes are double-hemmed and weighted to give you ultimate control over your window treatments.

The weight of the fabric, coupled with the lining and heavier hem results in a window treatment that is an effective insulator. In fact, drapes are one of the top most energy-efficient window treatments. With custom drapes, you’ll get top quality, effective insulation, and you’ll keep your home feeling and looking its best.

Our custom drapes are specially designed and crafted to your exact window specifications for a tailored fit and flawless look. Tuck in your home for a cozy winter with custom drapes, perfect for those comfy nights by the fire — just grab your hot cocoa and a good book, and snuggle into the sofa.

Looking for insulating blinds?

Blinds are an excellent choice for individuals looking to gain light control and privacy with a traditional design style. But blinds themselves are not crafted with an insulating material. Rather, their insulation ability comes from the light-blocking control from manipulating the slats within the blind. By creating a physical barrier between the window and the interior of your home, blinds help mitigate heat transference.

Despite this, blinds are not going to be as effective at insulating as the three options described above. In fact, if you’re seeking insulating blinds, you might actually be thinking of cellular shades. Cellular shades act very similarly to blinds but offer much more insulation.

Swap out blinds for insulating cellular shades

Often, when homeowners search for “insulating blinds”, they are actually looking for cellular shades. Blinds used effectively can have insulating qualities, but as far as R-value, they aren’t at the top of the list. If you’re looking for blinds, you may want to consider opting for cellular shades instead.

Cellular shades are similar to blinds in many ways.

  • Light Controlling
  • Room Darkening
  • Various levels of privacy
  • Low Profile
  • Layer well with Drapes
  • Versatile

Cellular shades do have one thing that blinds do not, however. Blinds are simply NOT as effective at climate control when compared to cellular shades. Although blinds are crafted with solid material, effectively blocking and creating a barrier between your interior and exterior, they don’t have the same design as cellular shades.

The honeycomb design of cellular shades is really what makes them such an effective window treatment for mitigating temperature fluctuations. The air trapped in between the honeycomb structures creates even more insulation, acting as a buffer between spaces and stopping hot and cold air in their tracks.

Cellular shades offer all the advantages of blinds and have the bonus of being able to be controlled from the bottom up OR top down. You’ll maintain privacy, light control, and temperature control with cellular shades. (BONUS: cellular shades make an excellent choice for sliding glass doors or french doors!)

Cellular shades are the most effective insulating window treatment

Cellular shades are an exceptionally functional window treatment when it comes to climate control. This is because of their honeycomb design that traps air between fabric folds, preventing airflow and minimizing temperature swings.

With the highest R-value of any window treatment, cellular shades are the most effective window treatment for resisting temperature change. Not only will your cellular shade keep you nice and toasty in the winter, but it will also keep you cool in the summer as heat transference is shielded from coming in as well as going out.

Want the best cellular shades for insulating? Ask your design consultant about our unique Olympus line with double the pockets and double layers.

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Motorized winter window treatments

One way to make sure you’re insulating your windows effectively is to actually use your window treatments on a daily basis. Be honest — are you maximizing your use of your window treatments? Do you get up and open them when the sun is shining and close them when it’s chilly outside? (If you’re like most homeowners, probably not.)

Hey, we don’t blame you! You’ve got a lot going on, and it’s sometimes more of a hassle to open and close them.

The easiest way to cover your windows this winter? Motorization.

Motorization will make your home energy-efficient and using your insulating window treatments optimally a breeze. Your window treatments will be more efficient, more flexible, and help you save time and energy.

The best combination for the most efficient winter window treatment: cellular shades paired with motorization. By adding motorization, winterizing your windows has never been easier.

Need insulating window treatments this winter? Layer up

Layering your window treatment may seem redundant, but when it comes to your home, you deserve the best. By layering your window treatment, you get more control, better winterization, and more opportunity to create the style you’re looking for.

Imagine having effective window treatments no matter the situation and no matter the season. You’ll have warm summer afternoons with no glaring sunlight, but your space will still be bright enough to enjoy the sunshine and the season. That same room can be warm and cozy, despite the chill in the middle of winter.

Layering has tons of options to create the perfect ambiance with light mitigation, privacy, and style. Think of it the same as you would layering up for an afternoon outside. If there’s a chance of temperature changes, most likely you’ll take some sort of jacket or outer layer in an effort to remain comfortable.

Layering your window treatments is all about comfort. It’s about you having more options to create your dream space, and optimizing your home for premium satisfaction.

Take control of your home with the best insulating window treatments for winter

Our top recommendations for winterizing your windows:

  • Inspect windows and use caulking, weather stripping, or insulation spray
  • Get insulating window treatments: draperies, cellular shades, or layering

When it comes to figuring out your window treatments, you don’t have to make this decision without help. In fact, helping you make the best choice for your home is a goal for our team, and customer service is our number one priority.

Many homeowners aren’t experts at window treatments. And that’s okay! You can’t be expected to have all the answers or know all the options — but at Stoneside, we have the experts to make your decision an easy one.

We’ll give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your home. You don’t need to become an expert when our experts are here to support you. You deserve a simple, streamlined experience to make your home the most comfortable place — a place you are as comfortable in during the winter as during the summer.

Book your free consultation, and let’s make your home our top priority this season with winter window treatments made for your comfort.