Stoneside Custom Natural Pleat Drapery

Are Draperies the Best Window Treatment For You This Fall? A Design Expert Weighs In

By: Olivia Senderson

Updated: 9/7/2023

How custom drapes are designed and cleaned, and why you’ll be swapping out your curtains for drapes this autumn

The summer is cooling off and the need for a change in your home's window treatments comes with the season. In the last couple of years, draperies have grown in popularity, swinging back into focus as customers rediscover the overwhelming benefits (both functionally and stylistically!) of draperies.

But are they right for you?

We've partnered with one of our top design consultants to dig deep into how drapery offers and how it functions with any home.

“My favorite drapery is the one that fits best with whichever client I am helping at the time,” says Amanda, our expert design consultant based in Portland. It's no wonder draperies remain a popular choice. “Custom drapery, whatever style one chooses, remains a classic, timeless choice that lasts for decades,” she says.

Draperies are functional, beautiful, and effective for many different needs.

What types of draperies are there?

At Stoneside, we offer drapes as custom drapery or panels. We also offer sheer drapery as well. Within custom drapes and panels, you get to decide on:

  • Fabric - determine the color and texture of your drapes, and whether or not you desire a heavier feel

  • Lining - to customize the optimal light-blocking needs and climate control

  • Pleat Style - whether you prefer formal or laid back, we have 11 style options to help you choose the right design for your desired look

  • Hardware - rods and hooks for functionality and style

  • Length - drapes commonly pool on the floor, right at the floor, or perhaps hover slightly above

  • Placement - where your drapes hang, either on the wall or ceiling

Our design team will help you with all of these decisions.

These choices may seem like a lot, but with the insight and aid provided by our expert team of designers, making the right choice for your home has never been easier. We’ll be there to help guide you throughout the process from start to finish.

Every client and every window is different, and it's important to understand the needs of each space. Because all of our clients’ needs are different, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your specific space.

What’s the difference between custom draperies and panels?

At Stoneside we offer both options for our customers. Panels look similar to draperies: they hang from either above the window or from the ceiling, and are designed with high-quality fabrics that range in heaviness. Drapery panels and custom drapes both typically drape all the way to the floor.

The biggest difference between custom draperies and panels is how they function. Drapery panels remain stationary — meaning they don’t actually close across the window. For this reason, they’re often paired with other window treatments to provide privacy and light control when necessary.

Custom draperies, on the other hand, are mobile. In other words, custom drapes are a fully functioning window treatment.

Our design consultant weighed in: “Our decorative panels provide a finishing touch to a window that doesn’t need them to be functional usually because we have layered another product on the window.” If your window treatment needs that finishing touch, panels will be perfect for your home.

While panels may be a more stylistic choice, they can have a dramatic effect on any room. It’s perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where adding that simple yet effective design element can automatically impact the entire ambiance, especially if you are able to rely on a layered window treatment beneath the panels.

Stoneside Custom Olivia Pleat Drapery

What kind of styles are available for drapes?

Drapes come in many different styles. The fabric you choose is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when it comes to designing your dream drapery, and it’s often the first. Afterward, you’ll get the chance to make your drapes hang exactly how you imagine with custom pleats.

At Stoneside, we have eleven different pleat styles. A drapery “pleat” refers to how the fabric gathers or drapes from the hardware from which it’s hanging.

Our pleats include:

  • Two-finger
  • Three-finger
  • Monarch
  • Grommet
  • Inverted
  • Natural
  • Olivia
  • Plain Top
  • Ripplefold
  • Rod Pocket
  • Single Pleat

Your design consultant will show you how each of these looks and can help you choose the right one for you.

With so many options to choose from, it’s even easier to find a style that matches your home’s design and decor. Everyone’s style is unique, and our design team is there to help point you in the right direction.

Amanda is familiar with adapting to each type of environment. “I love traditional homes and would recommend a triple pleat with a floral fabric. Then I may be in a gorgeous, modern condo in the clouds and say that a sheer Ripplefold would be perfect.” We understand that you want your home to feel and look its best, and we’re here to make that happen.

Who should choose drapery for their home?

“Someone that decides on a drapery will be looking for that marriage of beauty and function,” Amanda says. “The needs range from light and climate control, acoustics and privacy, to simply wanting something to complete the interior design of their home.”

Drapery packs a huge punch of versatility — both functionally and aesthetically. Their dramatic presence automatically elevates your space and often has the ability to make a room look grander or larger than it is because it pulls the eye along the length and upward.

Functionally, drapes have massive benefits, making your home even more comfortable. Drapes are perfect for anyone looking to have more control over:

  • climate
  • acoustics
  • style
  • privacy
  • light

Because of the impressive amount of control that draperies offer, as well as their elegance, they are an investment into the comfort and design of your home.

Layer your window treatments with drapes over blinds, roller shades, and more.

Drapery is one of the easiest and best window coverings to use when layering your window treatments. They can be paired with:

  • Blinds
  • Cellular Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Solar Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Sheer Drapery

By combining two types of window coverings, your window treatments have an even greater effect on climate control and energy use in your home — not to mention the benefits of using each one on its own when the moment necessitates it.

Imagine using your roller shades to control the afternoon autumn sun shining in your living room. You’ll only want to pull the drapes closed in the evening when the cool fall night arrives, and temperature and privacy are a higher priority, and you’re ready to feel warm and cozy .

Amanda is all about layering with drapery. “Drapery is the perfect partner... They can stand alone or they can work together with another treatment. They are amazing,” she says. And she’s right!

Become the master of your windows with layered drapes from Stoneside.

Stoneside Custom Blue Drapery

How do I clean my custom drapes?

That’s a great question! You would never want to neglect your home’s furnishings, so considering how they are treated and cleaned is always a good idea.

“Many of my clients wonder about the best way to keep their drapery clean and fresh,” Amanda says. “I recommend treating them the same as rugs and upholstery. It’s important to have [drapery] professionally cleaned every year or two and many times the same company can do all three components at the same time in the home.”

We encourage our customers to get professional service, as a professional will have more experience and know exactly how to best treat and take care of your custom drapes.

Does Stoneside offer curtains?

Stoneside specializes in custom window treatments that deliver functionality, versatility, and most of all — high quality. Custom drapes give you more than simple curtains and have a greater impact on your home’s overall appearance and comfort.

We prioritize providing only the best for our clients in both product and customer service. Find out more about the difference between drapes and curtains, and why custom drapes are the better choice for our customers.

Are drapes the best window treatment for Fall?

Temperatures in autumn can be tricky. But depending on your location, swings in temperature can be a challenge no matter what the season is.

If your priority is control over fluctuating temperatures, we recommend layering your window treatments. That way, you optimize control using two different window treatments to effectively address your needs no matter the situation.

That being said, draperies are an excellent choice for Fall given the fact that they’re often used for climate control. In weighter fabrics, drapes are a wonderful insulating window treatment that can make a significant difference in your home.

Not sure if draperies are right for you? Check out our cellular shade line. Cellular shades are another one of our top choices for climate control, and our new Olympus line has an even bigger impact. Cellular shades are wonderful for extreme temperatures, and layering up your cellular shades with drapery can elevate your room without leaving functionality on the backburner.

Give Your Home a Seasonal Upgrade With Stoneside Custom Draperies

If your home is in need of an upgrade this season check out our window treatment options. In addition to all our shades and blinds, we offer custom drapery, panels, and sheer drapery for your interior upgrade.

With Stoneside you get exceptional products — but you also get unparalleled customer service.

After you reach out to us, we connect you with your own local, personal design consultant to walk you through the process and help you make any decisions along the way.

Our streamlined process gives you the confidence you need to know you're making the best choice for your home.

The installation is even easier, as our team does all of the “heavy lifting”. We personally travel to your home, where you and your consultant discuss what options will best fit your home's aesthetic — and your windows. We address any concerns you have carefully and thoroughly, so you aren't left with any lingering unanswered questions.

Embrace the change of seasons with new custom drapery, and schedule your consultation today.