Make a Statement with Different Types of Drapery

If you want to transform your home with a bold visual statement immediately, add drapes. These sweeping, floor-length window treatments bring dramatic impact and flair to any room. Just think of some of the famous movie scenes that boast scene-stealing drapery: Grace Kelly’s would-be killer hides behind them in “Dial M for Murder.” Errol Flynn makes quite an entrance sliding down them in “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” And who can forget Vivien Leigh’s green velvet drapery-turned dress she wears to woo Clark Gable in “Gone with the Wind”? (We prefer your drapes stay on your windows!)

Drapery is sometimes considered a kind of curtain, but the terms aren’t interchangeable. (While both window coverings consist of fabric panels, curtains can come in different lengths and usually aren’t as substantial as drapery.) There are different types of drapes, but generally, they are made from flowing fabrics that fall in graceful folds. Hung above a window from a wall or ceiling mount, drapes ripple down to the floor. They look lovely with many types of windows, as well as larger spaces such as patio or sliding glass doors. They can also be used in tandem with other window coverings such as blinds or shades.

With this window treatment, it’s all about creating a mood, which is why Stoneside offers an unparalleled array of drapery options. Hundreds of fabric and design possibilities give you great flexibility to create your ideal set of custom drapes. Gently diffuse sunlight coming into a room with filmy sheer fabric in a neutral color or create a formal, elegant space with richly luxurious silk. Because they are tailored to your specifications, with high-quality details such as double hems and drapery weights, our drapes are guaranteed to cover your windows precisely. That means you get optimum privacy and light control, as well as insulation to help maintain room temperature.

Drapery can be a game changer for your interior design. But before you get started, it helps to know more about the types of drapes Stoneside offers.



You can choose from a veritable rainbow of colors—more than 300—when you buy panels from Stoneside. This type of drape is meant to hang decoratively, instead of being opened and closed frequently. Our panels come in 20” and 40” widths, as well as 9 different styles, such as a pleated or flat top. They can serve as an attractive frame for large picture or bay windows in a living room or den. Alternatively, hang panels in a bedroom for an extra design element and couple them with shades for privacy.

Wide Width Sheer Drapery

Like panels, our sheer drapery can be used decoratively. If you want to add a light, airy feel to a room to make it seem larger or create warmth, the wide width sheers get the job done. Subtle and flowing, this is a drapery option that meshes well with soft, romantic design styles or rooms where you want a relaxed environment, such as the bedroom. Our sheers can be customized to fit your windows, and the neutral colors complement any design palette seamlessly.


Custom Drapery

If you can dream it, you can achieve it with Stoneside’s custom drapery. Our design experts help you select the perfect choice for your home from a multitude of patterns, colors, and fabrics. These drapes are functional as well as beautiful and are expertly crafted to your window measurements while matching your overall vision for your home’s aesthetic. Our custom drapery is built to last with durable fabrics and liners, as well as high-grade finishing touches that are impeccable. With custom drapery, your home’s interior design is instantly elevated.

With all of our different types of drapery, you get the exceptional quality that comes with products manufactured in America. You also reap the benefits that come with peerless customer service, where we closely monitor the progress of your project to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. Measurements are checked and rechecked, and every part of your window covering is carefully inspected and tested before leaving our manufacturing facilities. We even handle the installation with our own experienced in- house technicians to guarantee you are satisfied with your new drapery.

There are many drapery options out there, but only Stoneside combines its flawless window treatments with solicitous, client-centered service. Plus, our virtual consultations are an evolution in shopping for window coverings, allowing you to work one-on-one with our designers at your convenience. It’s never been easier to transform your home with custom drapery that is uniquely created just for you. If you’re ready to add some dramatic flair to your home, contact the Stoneside office near you to set up a consultation appointment. Get ready to have your window treatments take a starring role in your home design.

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